Originally from Puerto Rico, Cruz lived in New Jersey for over two decades before moving to Northern California five years ago. As a multimedia artist, a deep love of art drove Cruz to follow his passion for creativity — and this self-taught photographer has been expanding the boundaries of fine art ever since. His unique eye quickly garnered attention, and Cruz earned the opportunity to share his vision — as a professional sports photographer, graphic designer, and landscape photographer. Five years ago, when Cruz moved across the country, Northern California’s dramatic vistas reinvigorated his enthusiasm for artistic exploration. He became fascinated with the encaustic process and adapted the ancient method  to his modern imagery, lending his photographic work a luminous depth and painterly texture.Once he mastered this delicate process, Cruz expanded his use of wax, experimenting endlessly with this  medium. His newest works, are made entirely of cold wax and oils, and the resulting pieces are vivid and edgy creations.